Divorce hotel is the hotel service package where the unhappy couples can have divorce in a very unique and easy way. The paperwork will be ready within 48 hours in this package. It is the latest way of divorcing and the idea was conceived by the 33 years old Jim Halfens. He has been running this new concept in different hotels of Netherlands. He is also the CEO of Divorce Hotel.

This hotel service package ranges from $3,500 to $10,000. In this package the couples will be provided with the lawyers and mediators by the hotel for the negotiations and paperwork for the divorce. After the 48-72 hours of hotel stay couples will be handed with the completed paperwork and couple will have to submit it to the judge to make it official.

Currently the agreements have been done between the Halfens and six hotels in Netherlands where couples can end there married life. 17 couples have already used this package and 16 have already walked out with the complete paperwork prepared for judge.

Halfens wants this concept to be stretched to United States. He has already negotiated with some hotels of Los Angeles and N.Y. Not only that but two U.S TV productions companies, A.Smith & company and Base productions are interested in making a reality TV series based on this concept. It may be hard for Halfens to expand this concept to U.S but this package can attract the richer families having large amount of property and children. People may love the satisfactory deal of divorce settlement within three days in United States. Even if the concept may not be a bust in U.S but the reality TV shows may stir the news and entertainment.

If you are more interested about divorce hotel here are its concept and procedures.



The main concept is the easy divorce and both couples should have satisfactory agreement. There will be a lots of time saved in the divorce process but it will help you to save your time. The peoples who are rich, peoples with large property and people with children must find this package stress-free.


The Divorce Hotel will provide you with a professional lawyer and mediator and they will provide you affordable and quick way to getting a divorce. You should not be worried about the interference of accountant or brokers. You will not even be interfered by family members and friends.


The place you are staying in this procedure is the hotel. You will be equipped with all the facilities that you need to be comfortable. It will only take maximum time of 48 hours and in case 72 hours to complete your paper work.


The mediator needs to know all about your situation and all the information that a professional requires for the work of divorce.


You are provided with the mediator who are professional and make the couples work together on divorce settlement.


The mediators will work on the basis of rulebook of Divorce Hotel. From the beginning of the procedure of settlement you will know what will be your cost and when it is going to end. You will never be in confusion till the end of procedure.

Divorce Hotel can be more successful in coming years in the countries like United Nations and United Kingdom. Jim Halfens has invented very new and fastest way of divorcing in the comforts of hotel. Your divorce will be settled in a professional manner if you choose the Divorce Hotel.

Published : Sep 9 2014