Heaven Help Us, Most College Students Should Not Be Allowed to Vote

This video interviews Texas Tech students and asks them mind-numbing easy questions such as "who won the civil war?" It is both funny and depressing to learn how many don't know. Such answers as “…you mean the one in 1965?”, “…the south,” “America?” or “…who was in it?” are some of the answers. The interviewer goes on with the question of “who is our current vice president?” This question draws and equal assortment of horrifyingly dumb answers. The questions shift from history to pop culture. Here the students excel with quick answers about “Jersey Shore” or the name of Brad Pitt’s wife. It’s funny at first glance. It gets less funny when one considers that these are the people that vote and elect important officials that run many aspects of our lives.

Published : Jan 5 2017
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