Henna Mountain Challenge

This crazy girl decides to do henna. She just keeps going, and going, and going. Moe and more henna, henna for days. Layers upon layers of henna, the mountain keeps growing, the hand gets heavier. Drying layers upon layers with a hairdryer. The smell is intense. One layer down, ten layers down, two hours later. Shes up all night to do henna, she's up all night to make a video. Twenty five layers down, more drying. It kind of looks like a chocolate mountain or castle on her hand. One hundred layers! She did it! It looks like a mountain of henna, or a castle of henna with towers surrounding it. I'm sure it would make a great home for ants! She takes it off with scissors, claiming it's like a scab. That's some wonderful imagery. She ends the video asking people to subscribe and thumbs up the video.

Published : Jan 10 2017
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