Hilarious gameplay of horror game Until Dawn by the Scary Game Squad!

The Scary Game Squad is made up of 4 longtime friends: Jesse, Davis, Jirard, and Alex. They are known for playing horror games together while providing hilarious commentary. This video compiles almost all of the funny moments from the Scary Game Squad’s gameplay of the horror game known as Until Dawn. 

Until Dawn is a game full of horror movie and supernatural tropes as well as characters that you are in charge of making them survive Until Dawn, hence the name of the game. The Scary Game Squad definitely knows how to create punchlines during certain scenes that had me laughing until I cried. 

This would not be a Scary Game Squad video without all the hysterical screaming reactions to the many jumpscares in the game. My favorite part is towards the end of the video where they parody Nickelback’s song “Photograph.” I have never laughed so hard by watching a gameplay video! Watch this video if you want a quick laugh!

Published : Dec 16 2016