Hole-y Beach Hellraiser

Everyone loves the beach: the water, the waves, the sun and sand. Some people especially love the sand: building sandcastles is a favorite pastime for children and adults alike. But some devious people take a special joy in digging holes in the sand for unsuspecting beachgoers to fall into. In this video clip one such trouble-making man digs a hole in the sand in the shadow of a beach umbrella. He then sits back and waits to see a beach employee picking up the umbrella, and subsequently falling into the hole. This is a classic prank that is simple but never gets old. Who doesn’t like the sight of an unsuspecting person falling into a hole. No one gets hurt, it is all in good fun…but it does look as if the employee is a little bit peeved when he emerges from the hole!

Published : Jan 13 2017
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