How much woud you pay for Mozart's hair?

Auctions are appealing for many people who see auctions as a fun way to obtain all kinds of weird object they are interested in for some crazy prices. Of course some auctions sell truly interested things but there is nothing interesting with those auctions now is it?

This Thursday at the Sotheby’s house in London, there will be an auction for the hair of two great musicians of the classical age, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig Van Beethoven.

Mozart died at the early age of 35 having first composed some of the greatest and most beloved around the world music of all times. Over the years, his curly tuft has belonged to many families of musicians with some of them being more famous than the others. It was common until the recent past for great artistic figures to collect such macabre objects that were usually turned into jewels.

The tuft is validated at the crazy price of 14,000 Euros.  

Sotheby’s house also auctions another tuft from  the Beethoven’s hair as well as an invitation for his funeral which is expected to reach the amount of 3,000 Euros.

Mozart’s tuft was demised b his widow, to the mother of the German compositor and later on he gave it to the musician Sir Arthur Somervell during his stay in England.

Somervell’s wife used to wear the tuft with a gold pendant and after Somervell’s death in 1937, the jewel passed to the rest of the family until today.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in January 27th 1756 at Salzburg and he is one of the most important classical music compositors. Along with Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert and Ludwig Van Beethoven they are all the most important representatives of the viennese classicism and the known “First Vienesse School”.

On the other hand, Beethoven was born in December 17th 1770 at Bonn. Even though he belongs more to the classical age Beethoven was also connected to the romantic movement and his last pieces are based on intense romantic elements. Some of his most famous works are the 5th Symphony and the Fidelio.

So clearly we are talking about two worldwide known and respected personalities that changed the world at some significant level and helped shape it as we know it today. You might think otherwise and if you do simply try to imagine a world where both Mozart and Beethoven had not contributed anything at all. Then you will get it too, they were both major figures.

But even so, their tufts are not as special and they will definitely not help us change the world in any way. So the auction – as mentioned at the beginning – will take place for those who wish to acquire one or two somewhat appealing objects and also very weird to own. It will certainly be very interesting to see what happens and what price those two pieces of hair manage to reach. And it would also be more interesting to get to know the winners of the auction, thus final owners of the each tuft.

Published : Oct 1 2015