How to take the perfect selfie

The concept of selfies may include spontaneous faces and expressions on the pictures that you’re taking, but we can assure you that behind every successful “spontaneous” expression, there is always the right preparation. So if you want to take the perfect selfie wherever you are, read this quick guide and follow all the steps to get the best possible results!

Find the best lighting. "There is nothing worse than having a huge shadow cast over your face," says photographer and style blogger Candice Lake. "When in doubt, face directly into or away from the sun. If it's the middle of the day and the sun is high, the shadows can look like bags under your eyes. The golden hour to shoot a photo is during sunrise or sunset, when the light is low and the most beautiful." If you're inside, beauty blogger (and frequent selfie-taker) Michelle Phan advises that you find a window. "Having nice, natural sunlight streaming in will make for a good selfie. Another thing I do is take a piece of white paper and hold it underneath my chin, which creates a natural bounce of light, illuminates the face, and also reduces the double-chin effect."

Capture a good angle. Instead of taking the picture head-on, experiment with different angles to show off your features. If you turn your head a few degrees to the right or left, your features will appear less flat. Holding the camera slightly higher than your head so that it's pointing down on you will make your eyes look bigger and help you avoid "pig nose." Here are a few other ideas for finding a good angle: Know your "good side" and take the photo from that side of your face. It's the side of your face that looks the most balanced and symmetrical. Angling the camera slightly above yourself and taking a snapshot of your face and chest will highlight your cleavage. Since this position is fairly unnatural, odds are, you already know what the camera will focus on when you take a selfie like this.

Make a background check. Another important element in taking pictures is to pick a good, clear background. We’ve all seen those photo fails where someone has taken a selfie in a dirty bedroom with piles of clothes or in the bathroom while someone’s taking care of business. Always check your surroundings so you have a clear background that lends itself well to an impromptu photo sesh. #Look for solid colored walls, textured curtains or any place without clutter.

Don't overthink it. Arm yourself with this knowledge, and then just relax. A trying-too-hard selfie is never going to be a good one. "The thing about selfies is that you don't want them to be too serious. If your makeup looks like it took you an hour to do and you look too posed, you're not doing it right," says Barose. So just have fun and go with it, that seems to be the bottom line.

And if you can’t get it the first time, look at the Brightside….you have one more reason to take more selfies! Follow our tips and have fun taking the best selfie there is!

Published : Aug 16 2015