Huawei is set to dethrone Samsung and Apple with the new P20 family

The world of technology is an exciting one, but when it comes down to the more specialized smartphone industry, things can turn competitive pretty fast. All manufacturers around the world dream of global domination in the top-class category of the smartphone industry; though only a selected few ever get to actually go after their dreams.

Whether you saw it coming or not, it seems that Huawei is not only one of those handful makers, but it’s also on the verge of doing it! We soon may have to accept its world domination thanks to its surprisingly successful P20 family that have drawn everyone’s attention.

Coming in 3 different scales, the P20 lite, P20 and P20 Pro, the latest additions to the P series have taken the world ablaze thanks to their kickass specs under the hood but primarily due to their revolutionary camera equipment and technology.

Specifically, the P20 houses a 20Mp 1/2.78″ monochrome sensor with f/1.6-aperture lens and a 12Mp 1/2.3″ RGB sensor with f/1.8–aperture lens on the back, which leaves little room to complain. As for the P20 pro, it comes with a triple camera setup, which means that on the back of this behemoth you’ll see a 40Mp, 1/1.73″ RGB sensor with Quad Bayer structure – which is the main camera – a 20Mp, 1/2.78″ monochrome sensor and an 8Mp tele-camera that helps for zooming in without messing with the quality.

Long story short, the camera capabilities found in both of those models mentioned above, have now been accepted as the best cameras ever put on a smartphone; for the record, the P20 Pro’s camera is being compared to DSLRs. DxOMark, one of the best sites to test and analyse cameras, states that “With an overall score of 109 points, the Huawei P20 Pro sets a new benchmark for smartphone cameras on, outscoring all of its closest rivals, such as the Apple iPhone X, the Google Pixel 2, and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus by a margin that is close to or higher than 10 points”.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. If you are a smartphone maker and you want to produce a profitable and successful series, there’s a ton of things you ought to take under consideration. From processor and RAM capabilities and combinations to the display, the positioning of the fingerprint sensor, the size and shape; there are just way too many moving parts, which is partially justified since there so many different tastes as well. Yet, the one aspect where no phone user settles for any middle-ground anymore is the camera. As a manufacturer, you may want to compromise for the second-best CPU, or even the third best display. But the camera always needs to be as best as it can.

And Huawei has done exactly that. Neither the P20 nor its Pro counterpart exhibit jaw-dropping performance or radical 3D capabilities. It’s all about the camera. Especially when all that comes at a price that provides an advantage against the rivals, such as the Galaxy S9 and the iPhone X.

That is the sole reason that Huawei has made the first move in the game and from the looks of it, the Chinese tech giant has set the course for global smartphone domination.

Published : May 3 2018
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