Husband ruins his future

This video is of one of my favorite youtubers, and him and his wife compete in a lie detector test challenge. The goal of this challenge is for one of the partners to ask the other something, and if they are lieing, then their hand will be shocked by the little machine. Kevin, the youtuber who I have been watching for a while, was asked whether he regretted marrying his wife. He answered yes as a joke, but then when the lie detector test went through, it did not shock him, indicating that he was telling the truth. Now keep in mind that this game was probably around 25 dollars, so to say that it can really verify a lie or not is probably a stretch. Either way, his wife was a little upset with this fact, and kevin found himself in trouble at the end of the challenge. In addition to this, his wife marie asked him a few other questions that he was found to be lying about. For example, she asked him if he had ever done any bad drugs, and he answered no. The lie detector test shocked him. This was meant to be an entertaining video, and really turned out to be one. I do not think that either one of them really took anything seriously, and the video turned out to be another enjoyable one from my point of view!

Published : Feb 8 2017
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