Ian's New Gat: The M134 Gatling Gun

Ian McCollum breaks down the General Electric M134 electrically powered gatling gun. He gives the historical context of its origins and development, its uses and applications on battlefields and technical explanations of it construction and operations.

The M134 was developed from the much larger Air Force 20mm Vulcan aviation cannon and is a scaled down version, built to fire a normal 7.62mm rifle cartridge. Capable of firing 66 bullets per second (100 rounds per second in some versions), it's been primarily used on helicopters to attack and suppress unarmored ground targets. It makes a continuous roaring noise when it is fired as opposed to the rat-a-tat-tat of a normal machine gun.

Ian does a fairly complete disassembly of the complex weapon, explaining how the weapon operates and then shows how to load and fire the beast. Ian's finishes the video with the awesome blasting apart of an old truck with a continuous stream of bullets.

I want one!

Published : Oct 3 2018