Insomniac's Spider-Man PS4 video game is the platform's fastest-selling game and here’s why

If I told you to think of the strongest hero from the Marvel Comics Universe (MCU), would you ever

think of Spiderman? What about the hero with the greatest number of achievements? Would you

think of Spiderman then?

The two questions above aim to prove that while Spiderman is the favourite hero to a vast fanbase

out there, he is not the strongest, or the coolest according to the majority of experts. Yet our hero,

with a bit of help from Insomniac, a video game developer company, managed to claim the

undisputed title of the fastest-selling PS4 video game, selling approximately 3.3 million copies which

roughly translates to $200 millions. And that was only over the opening weekend. It’s worth noting

that the previous record holder was God of War. So you can see that the competition in such

achievements is not confined only in the MCU, but rather on the entire palette of Sony’s PlayStation

4 game titles.

But the number of records doesn’t stop at one. According to Sony’s reports, there one million copies

of the hero titled video game pre-ordered, while a $399.99 Spider-Man PlayStation 4 Pro bundle was

also available, though we’re not sure whether the number of those bundles is included in the 3.3

million sales mentioned above, so take that with the regular grain of salt.

Stephen Turvey, PlayStation’s global senior vice president of sales and head of North America

business operations, told USA Today: “Our expectations are always set at the highest levels. It’s met

and exceeded all expectations. I think the company and the campus and our fans are super proud of


At this point there’s no denying that Insomniac did a great job at designing the game while their

marketing and distributing partners obviously did an equally great job at getting the word out there

and warming up the fans for the much-anticipated title.

But while developing, marketing and distributing are all contributory factors to success, they can’t be

the only ones. If you accept this statement, then let’s dive head-first to all the details we need to

analyse in order to see why ‘Spider-Man’ is a multiple record braking video game.

First and foremost, anyone who has spent a few hours playing the game, will agree that it’s an

enjoyable and well-crafted experience. Of course, there are some repetitive tasks that we could live

without and stealth missions don’t offer anything essential to the game. Still, the story is strong and

original while for the first time we get to experience not only Spiderman’s adventures but also Peter

Parker’s life through high school, a guy who just can’t seem to catch a break in between saving lives

and acing classes.

Having established a strong gameplay, the company that created the title has also made sure that its

presence is noticeable for long after the release date. Consecutive DLCs have been scheduled for

October, November and December. We don’t know much for the last two but the first DLC is titled

The Heist and it will feature Black Cat.

All in all, ‘Spider-Man’ is a great title that promises loads and loads of fun that won’t stop until

Christmas. If you haven’t tried out the title yet, then don’t waste anymore time. And if you don’t

own a PlayStation 4, then this might a great chance to get Sony’s $399.99 Spider-Man PlayStation 4

Pro bundle!


Published : Sep 26 2018
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