Is 'Dirty Grandpa' Robert De Niro's Downfall?

Could this movie signal De Niro’s end in his career?

The movie industry may appear to be a world where everybody is rich, free and happy, but as real as it may seem, it’s actually nearly impossible to get in, much less make a successful career of your own.

But to be fair, it’s also an industry on which Markovnikov’s law applies: The rich get richer. And that goes not only for money, but fame as well.

Combining all the above, it’s easy to conclude that Robert De Niro, an actor that belongs to the older generations and is renowned for his acting skills, has earned a rightful place at Hollywood’s top actors.

Starting at the early age of 20, when he appeared in Brian De Palma's 1963 film ‘The Wedding Party’ Robert did not take long to climb to the top. Until today, he has won 21 awards 2 Academy Awards and 2 Golden Globe Awards.

Yet, his latest movie, the ‘Dirty Grandpa’, sparked a public outcry on the grounds that this grossout comedy takes De Niro fans into a new emotional phase that can only be called “post-despair”. We (fans) are just numbly resigned to the great man continuing to do things like this, vaguely hoping that through sheer productivity he will have a “Blue Jasmine” moment and pull something out of the bag.

To make things worse, this is not De Niro’s first failure. ‘The Intern’, a recent movie that seems too creepily comparable to this one, was the previous result of poor judgment and perhaps even denial that one’s once glorious days are behind. And of course it lead Robert De Niro to plumb the comedy depths.

In fact, there is a whole movement out there which truly believes that the actor’s downfall started as soon as the year 2000 came along and the movie ‘Meet the Parent’ came out. Before that movie, the previous millennia, his IMDB profile is filled with one classic movie after the other – to the exception of a few bombs, of course.

Thankfully, that view does not comprise the biggest part of public belief concerning Robert De Niro. Nonetheless, we cannot ignore the fact, that his last few years in the industry have not been very productive not to mention profits, which are plummeting with each new grossout wanna-be comedy that he partakes in.

So fans all over the world gather round; let’s send a bold loud and crystal clear message to Robert De Niro, the actor that we want to see glorious once again, starring in classic films and in roles that will make be remembered for his unique acting style. All the rest, we’ll pretend that it was a break from the hard work; an easy way to get some extra cash in exchange for a bit of reputation.

As fox4kc reports “Mr. De Niro, you're forgiven. Collect your check and we'll not speak of this again.”

Published : May 27 2016