Is Jennifer Lopez going to jail for stooping?

Celebrities are known for doing all kinds of weird stuff. Sometimes it is just about promoting the right thing at the right time. Other times it’s just to attract the spotlight or do something they always wanted to do but never had the chance so far.

Of course there some other times that none of the above is entirely true, and celebrities find themselves in trouble because they did something that at the time seemed innocent or not even worth thinking about doing it.

In a similar position we find Jennifer Lopez, who her latest appearance may also be the last. The famous Latin pop artist might face prison sentence for showing off her backside to the prime minister of Morocco.

The appearance happened at the Mawazine World Rhythms International Music Festival that took place at Rabat in May 29th, where Jennifer made a very good general impression. However, a few days after that, she has to face the consequences – that seem dangerous - of her actions.

Extremely sexy as always the 45yearold star went up to the stage of the music festival and set it on fire with her moves. The audience was very excited but not all as it seems, since the country’s prime-minister Abdelilah Benkirane got disturbed by JLo’s stage behaviour that is totally against the audiovisual laws of the country while according to BBC the words that Abdelilah used were “obscene”, “provoking” and “irreverent”.

Furthermore, according to the news that was published about the story, primi-minister Benkirane asked from the authorities to take “legal measures against the people responsible for that criminal action”. In the unreal case that the singer is found guilty by the authorities, she might go to prison for 2 months or 2 years.

What we know for sure is that Jennifer Lopez had no intention to offend the prime-minister or the country’s audiovisual laws. She probably behaved just like all the other countless concerts and festivals that she has been to. Let’s also keep in mind that the famous singer is not used to doing all kinds of crazy stuff just to get an article written about her.

JLo has proven more than once that she doesn’t need to get out of control in order to attract the spotlights. The whole thing is more likely nothing more than a misunderstanding.

And even third party members – like us – should not take sides, it is rather obvious that Morocco’s prime-minister took things a bit too seriously. If you think about it, the country’s laws didn’t need that music festival or Jennifer Lopez stooping to get offended. The music industry has gone international for many years now so if you don’t want you country to be influenced by that music then make sure you seize all sources of interaction with the rest of the world. But that seems kind of too much right?

Anyway, we wish JLo best of luck with that sudden problem of hers. More news to the story are definitely expected.

Published : Oct 9 2015
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