Jenga Giant Genuine Hardwood Game

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What better gift to give to someone than the gift of a game that they can play with their friends? This Jenga set provides hours of amusement, and shows that you care because it isn't cheap.

User Review

"We bought one game for each table at our daughter's wedding, so strangers would have something to play with each other. It was a big hit. Our friends made friends with each other and are now have plans for later without us." "A great, simple game you can play with children and adults. I love its portability and easy setup. A great way to pass the time on a cold snowy or rainy day. Good times, two thumbs up, fun for the whole family." "A game that will never grow old in our household." "My daughter and her friends love playing this game. They can play this for hours."

Published : Dec 17 2016
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