John Nash was studying an alternative theory of relativity

John Forbes Nash, the famous mathematician who recently passed away by a car accident that cost him his life and his wife’s as well, was studying lately a mathematical model to describe gravity.

That is what publications from various newspapers (such as the Times) in the United Stated and the Big Britain reveal, citing many statements by  colleagues of the scientist, to whom he had unbosomed that he had found an equation that seemed to improve or even take the place of the famous general theory of relativity that belongs to Albert Einstein.

The general theory of relativity is becoming 100years old this year and it describes with an impressive accuracy the nature on a level of daily objects, planets or even larger cosmic structures.

However, the theory’s predictions lose power in the micro-world thus Nash’s attempt to find an extend of that theory that applies to the world of atoms and other particles as well.

The article that was posted on the Times of London, is bases on statements that the world famous French mathematician Cédric Villani made, who mentions that John Forbes Nash had a conversation with him concerning the results of his work, 3 days before the car accident. Professor Villani supports that his American colleague’s ideas were a product of special inspiration and total innovation.

More details for those ideas will be probably found at John’s office in Princeton University, where he taught for years now, but that will take months or even years, before those ideas are carefully studied.

The first time that professor Nash spoke about the general theory of relativity was 12 years ago, during a lecture at the State University of Pennsylvania. His speech was titled “An interesting equation” and it can still be found at his personal website on the Princeton University.

In that speech, he revises the concept of gravitational waves, ie ripples in space-time continuum that any accelerated mass can cause under some certain conditions. That way he predicts a larger variety of disorders than Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

Furthermore John Nash’s notes are interesting for the quantum physics community which opposes to the above theory as it happened with Einstein, despite the fact that the predictions agree with the notes and experiments that have to do with the micro-world.

Now the big question is whether the recent model that unfortunately was not completed by John, will be applicable to the scientific fields that Einstein’s theory failed to apply.

In general, it seems that John Forbes Nash continues to impress us even after his unfortunate death. It might not be long until we discover more of his precious ideas that will help change the world in the long run.

For once more, it seems that this person was an excellent scientist, a great personality, a loving person,  - husband and father – and of course above all he was “A Beautiful Mind”.

Published : Oct 9 2015
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