Johnny Depp is the new face of the Dior perfume

We all know him and love him for his extraordinary movies and his unique style. Johnny Depp, one of the most successful male actors in Hollywood is officially the face of Dior’s new perfume.

It’s already known that Johnny was about to star in the movie “Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer” that is based on Patrick Suskind’s book “Perfume”.

Things didn’t go as planned but Johnny Depp’s fans can get excited nine years later now that another perfume got in his life. As it was announced he is about to become the face of Christian Dior’s new perfume.

According to the international fashion house, the name of the aroma that will be represented by Depp has not been known to the public yet but we do know that it is scheduled to become available for purchase on September. The new perfume was created by the LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton creator, Francois Demachy.

Furthermore, according to Louise Rosen, the founder and CEO of The Message Inc, - a consulting firm that is based in Paris -, Depp’s participation to the promotion of the perfume is a great deal for the Dior fashion house.

Ms. Rosen stated: “Johnny Depp is a famous eccentric. The perfume houses are asked to solve a contradictory enigma. How will they please more and more people to maximize their sales and at the same time promote a perfume that is original and unique for everyone?”

Johnny Depp, the eccentric celebrity that was mentioned above, has starred in numerous movies and has a particularly eccentric – we still find it unique – style that follows him not only on the big screen but also in his personal life and Ms Rosen mentions, he is the last person she’d choose to sign a perfume.

The WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) call above sources that report Johnny’s income out of all this will range somewhere between 3 and 5 million dollars.

The new aroma will be added to the Dior’s portfolio which also includes the Eau Sauvage, the Dior Homme and the Dior Homme Sport.

Some other famous faces of the Dior house have been Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman, Jenifer Laurence, Robert Pattinson and Eva Herzigova. So as you can understand, with his participation to the Dior house, Johnny Depp becomes a member of a continuously increasing list of celebrities that make appearances to perfume ads.

Only last month, Stacy Martin was announced to star in the Miu Miu perfuma ad and Liam Hemsworth will also star in the summer European campaign of Diesel Parfums.

And even though many other celebrities take part in perfume campaigns we are particularly excited for Johnny Depp since he has an aura – what others call an eccentric style – that makes him the perfect fit for this position.

We’re very sorry to disagree with you Ms. Rosen but in our eyes, the truth is you could not have made a better choice than the one you made. Surely captain Jack Sparrow, will prove our point pretty soon!

Published : Oct 9 2015
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