Kate Moss didn't want to be famous

Kate Moss became famous within a day, at the age of 18, when she made her first campaign for Calvin Klein and became the face of heroin chic time for fashion, an “anti-model”, idol of beauty that used her curves and femininity to contrast the “healthy” appearance of famous supermodels, such as Cindy Crawford, Elle Macpherson, Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer.

Kate Moss has managed in 25 years in the fashion industry, to become one of the most sought after and dearly paid models, make her own fashion line and get awarded for her contribution to the industry.

And despite all of her success, she rarely speaks to the cameras about her early years, when she made her first steps in the business. That was until now. Recently the 41 year old star, gave a rare interview to her friend, the famous photographer, Nick knight and she revealed all the difficulties that she had to deal with when all that fame came at the 90’s.  

Kate’s photoshoots are being admired until this very day but as she said, it was the result of a very hard relationship that she had with Mario Sorrenti. The photographer was obsessed with the model and he wanted to take pictures of her all the time! Mario Sorrienti was the photographer that was put in charge for the “Obsesion” campaign and as it turned out he himself was obsessed with his model. Kate said: “ I used to wake up in the morning and he’d take pictures of me while I shouted at him to stop. I sat there for 10 days and he wouldn’t stop taking pictures”.

Kate posed naked on a couch an even though she didn’t feel awkward in front of the camera, she worked for 10 days for that photoshoot in an abandoned house on the beach. Kate said that she broke up with Mario after that because “when you’re in a relationship with a photographer and he takes advantage of you like that, you simply say no”.

The model stated that she didn’t want to become famous or at least not  so fast as at the beginning of her career she was just 17 years old. In fact she revealed that all those photoshoots and all that work led her to a nervous breakdown and now she may look differently at hard work but the time she was just a girl.

Surprisingly, Mario’s mother was the person who supported Kate Moss those early years of her, when Kate felt that she couldn’t deal with all that sudden fame while, Naomi Campbell and Christie Turlington, her friends and roommates in New York, protected her.

A few years ater, Kate’s relationship with Johnny Depp helped her adjust to the lifestyle of Hollywood, but she never wanted to comment on the rumors that wanted her living a life full of alcohol, drugs and smoke. Kate Moss, despite her intense lifestyle, now seems to be going through a more calm, relaxed and happy period of her life, trying to keep away from the spotlights in order to enjoy the family life that she has waiting for her with Jamie Hince and their beautiful little 9 year old daughter, Lila Grace.

Published : Oct 1 2015