Kim Kardashian is expecting twins

Recently we learnt that Kim Kardashian, the most famous member of the most famous family in Hollywood is pregnant as she announced on the finale of the show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” (probably to keep the interest alive).

That news itself quite shook us as well as the family especially now that Kim is not the only who is pregnant in the family.

However Hollywood, one way or another, always get to surprise us with hot topics and plot twists to even the most seemingly ordinary stories!

Once again, here is the plot twist on Kim’s pregnancy story. Kim is actually expecting twins! Ladylike, one of the top media in the world of showbiz announced the news earlier. The new reports support that the 34 year old Kim and her husband, Kanye West, are expecting not one but two loving babies.

Things seem to be moving fast as Kim announced her pregnancy publically only on Sunday. And yet, a source talked to the New York Daily News and mentioned: “Kim confessed to people who are close to her that two of her ova were fertilized. Now she expects to see if they were both fertilized successfully in order to move on to some kind of an official announcement while she is still on hold for the doctor’s final approval that the ova are healthy”

Another source revealed that Kim Kardashian wants to give to her stepfather the chance to have his own moment as a Caitlyn Jenner (referring to the famous athlete Bruce Jenner that recently went into surgery to become a woman). For that reason, she prefers to keep a low profile for her pregnancy. Of course that might be impossible for someone like Kim especially now that she is expecting two babies instead of one.

And the twins are not the only surprising news. A surprise also came when we heard – as mentioned above – that she underwent IVF because she was dealing with some difficulties to conceive naturally.

Both the TV persona and the famous singer have not made any comments on the news yet, leaving one of the hottest topics in showbiz right now, unconfirmed. According to calculations, Kim is 3 months pregnant and she will give birth some time in December 2015.

So much for taking care of that beautiful body of hers. She will probably gain double the weight she’d gain if she carried only one baby around. And even though we – along with the rest of the world- consider Kim to be hot even with a few extra pounds, she is definitely not going to remain like that for a lot. And if she does, Kim will surely make the best out of it with a couple more booty pictures that will make the trip around the world once again in just a few hours.

Good luck Kim! And let’s not leave her younger sister like that. Best of luck to you too Caitlyn!

Published : Oct 1 2015