Kim Kardashian is pregnant again

Well it’s clear. She wants him. And he wants her. Kanye is made to be next to Kim. Both of them are born to be parents. Twice!

Kim Kardashian is pregnant for the second time. Just when she managed to lose the weight from the previous pregnancy! But that’s how that stuff works. Better to gain weight due to a pregnancy that just get fat, don’t you think?

The announcement was made in the end of the mid-season finale of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” on Sunday night. Obviously it was combined with a good promotion of the next season so that’s why Kim waited until now.

Kim Kardashian particularly said: “I just got the results from the blood test and I am pregnant”. That is what she told to her sister Khloe on the teaser.

We can’t say that we didn’t see that coming. Kim is a very open person and says whatever comes to her mind. Sometimes that’s good and some other times it is not. But she has already said on the TV show that she has sex with Kanye 500 times a day. Of course this is not a real number – do the math – but it gives us a pretty good idea about Kim and Kanye’s sex life.

More specifically Kim had told Khloe on the trailer of the 10th season: “I realized that I ovulated that day, so I told Kanye to come to my photoshoot. You know what, I don’t feel bad at all for that. You have to do it wherever and whenever you can do it”.

Now so far you’d think it’s all good news. But keep in mind that Kim’s little sister, actually the youngest sister recently announced her pregnancy as well as her plans to get married on August. And the Kardashian sisters are known for their temper and their tendency to get themselves into conflicts about almost anything.

So just imagine what Kim’s pregnancy will do to the family now that the youngest sister’s spotlight is being stolen from Kim.

When it was about Kim’s sister, Kylie Jenner, we mentioned that the whole pregnancy being a lie was a considerable possibility as well as the wedding could be real yet a trick to attract the spotlights. But with Kim this doesn’t seem to be the case. She is already the most famous among the sisters and if she runs out of publicity she can always post another booty picture!

So it must be just a funny, weird coincidence that will make the two sisters give birth to their children who will have an age difference of roughly a few months.

Kylie may get a little mad on Kim and from the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians we might even witness a new rival that will spice things up. But for the rest of us, it’s great news knowing that one of the most beloved families of Hollywood will soon expand by two new members!

Published : Oct 1 2015