Kim Kardashian responds to the rumours that want her pregnant with twins

For the last few days it really seems like Hollywood and the whole showbiz has focused their spotlights to Kim’s pregnancy and any fresh news that goes with it. As a result news about Kim and her situation fly around the world in just a few hours after they happen. That could be surprisingly tiring for some, but Kim Kardashian must already be used to that kind of publicity. If anything, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to suppose that she actually enjoys all those spotlights flirting with her.

So according to Ladylike, Kim’s pregnancy may have been verified – something that we already knew – but she denied all those rumours that burst in the last 24 hours and want her expecting twins.

During an energy drink presentation, the famous TV persona spoke to E! News for her pregnancy, and the tweets that she uploaded and caused a fuss. More particularly she mentioned that she tweeted because she was simple “bored” and that she reacted to all those rumours that were spread.

Kim stated with her hands on her back: “I think I get a little bit strange when I’m pregnant. I was just responding to all those people who spoke of the most ridiculous rumours that they even took for granted. That’s why I decided to say whatever I felt like saying”.

So to sum things up so far, the rumour about Kim expecting twins is nothing more than a rumour. On the red carpet of the event Kim also said: Those are ridiculous rumours. I can’t wait to start my site so I can say whatever I want, whenever I want to say it”.

Maybe she’s not having twins but she is pregnant already and you’d expect to see her body changing by now. Maybe one would even expect Kim to start wearing larger clothes to fit her belly. But instead of that Kim chose to impress the crowd by wearing a latex dress of the Atsuko Kudo house that made her stand out.

It seems that style and fashion is not something that Kim would risk losing in the name of her baby. And the truth is that so far, she’s done pretty well by managing to balance her style and appearance with her pregnancy. Nothing out of this world. Not too provoking and not too pregnancy-like. Just the right style for the famous TV persona.

Ultimately this leaves again knowing for sure this time Kim is pregnant only with one child. But that does not mean that the rumours will stop coming out. It looks like people actually enjoy to make rumours for other people. And whether those rumours turn out to be true or false, we still do our research to lure them out and bring them to you. Because you never know when even one of those rumours will turn out to be true and surprise the entire showbiz.

So until the next rumour comes up, take care!

Published : Oct 9 2015