Legoland: A hotel for lego fans

There are hundreds of places in the world – some made by nature and other made by humans – that attract thousands of tourists annually because of a special thing they have going on. Many places have something out of the ordinary going on and given that summer is here, you have so many options – practically countless – to choose from.

You can go to the beach, the most beautiful you’ve always wanted to go to. Or you can go to the highest mountain top, even though it would be kind of weird to go to the mountain in the summer.

And of course there is also one place you’ve never think of going but we bet you always wanted to, in the name of your childhood! That place is the Legoland, a dream coming true…short of.

In the Winter Haven of Florida, a new hotel with 152 rooms recently opened up and it is placed right on the entrance of the spectacular Legoland park which is pretty close to what we all dreamt of as kids. It probably is as close as it gets right now. At least until a regular Legohouse is built where everything is made out of lego!

The rooms of the hotel have themes depending on the 4 basic game series of Lego (pirates, kingdom, adventure and friends), while each room offers room for children and a separate room with a king-size bed for grownups.

In the regular rooms there is plenty of room for up to 5 adults, with VIP rooms providing space for up to 9 guests. And surprisingly enough, there is more! The hotel’s customers have an exclusive access to the Legoland park, to “play” as much as they wish and become kids again. Besides psychologists always urge grownups to embrace their inner kid in order to get rid of the anxiety that today’s society gives us, right? Well, now you get not only to embrace you inner kid but become it.

Also, according to the Los Angeles Times, in each room there are numerous lego toys, while there is also a treasure hunt, where kids have to unlock the chest with the treasure that is inside the room.

And for the visitors who do not like to play with lego, or play treasure hunt, (even though we doubt there are any) there is always a pool with lego toys floating on the water. Just the right thing for families, children and of course adults who are still pretty close with the kid they have in them.

So if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary to do this summer, whether you are alone, with friends, or family, the Legoland is a great idea to keep everyone entertained at all times.

The rest of the technical information of the hotel, such as other facilities, room service review, rendering of services etc, are not known yet but it is definitely worth a shot, given that you choose to visit a hotel full of lego!

Published : Oct 9 2015