Leonardo DiCaprio sued a French magazine

Showbiz is an industry that never dies and never ever runs out of articles and hot topics. Millions of people live from this industry and of course we all care to learn every now and then what is going on with the very interested lives of our favourite celebrities and idols. Sometimes we care to learn because we’ve had the same problem or are currently dealing with something similar. Other times we want to learn out of pure curiosity. In any case we care, and the media knows that, so a great deal of all media’s topics is on showbiz.

So far so good. But there is a fine line where things get out of control. Various media, like magazine, blogs and newspapers use false news, or even willingly extravagant about a celebrity’s incident. And there are times that those celebrities decide to do something about it.

That seems to be the case with Leonardo DiCaprio, who decided to sue a French magazine for publishing an article according to which, Rihanna is having Leo’s child and he doesn’t want it.

The famous actor’s legal councillors demand from the magazine not only to withdraw the article but also to pay the aggrieved party – the star of the big screen – 18,000 euros, which is the maximum account that the French relevant law allows.

In addition, DiCaprio’s legal representatives ask 10,000 more if the French magazine does not apologize in one of its next issues. The fake news of Rihanna’s pregnancy reached Leonardo’s ear while he was in the Canes during the festival and his reaction was immediate because, among other things, the article had also pictures of the couple during their exit from the club. Something like that as the actor mentioned, is against the French laws.

We do know that the sue is against the magazine but what is not clear yet though, is if he is referring to the part of the article that says Rihanna is pregnant with his child, the part where he doesn’t want that child, or both parts. We shall see soon as that kind of legal issues usually take a bit more time to be solved. This due to the fact that all magazines deal with similar issues every now and then – it’s not always on purpose though – and thus they use safety valves that they have prepared before, to get away.

And it is true that it actually happens much more frequently that you’d expect. Some recent examples are articles like “Thirteen-Year-Old Uses His Dad's Credit Card to Buy Two Halo-Playing Hookers”, - where the creator of the story confessed it was a made up - , “Congress Threatens to Leave D.C. Unless New Capitol is Built” or a favourite false article of many people, “Study Finds That President George W. Bush has Lowest IQ Among Presidents of Last 50 Years”. You’d be surprised by how many stuff you can make people believe when you claim to have read it from a study.

So we shall wait to see where this legal conflict between DiCaprio and the French magazine will end and under what terms. We sure hope Leonardo clears his reputation and that other magazines get a good lesson out of that.

Published : Oct 9 2015