Logan battles it out with The Rock

Logan is in New York City to meet Dwayne “The rock” Johnson. He reminisces on his past encounter with the rock. He breaks his camera while in the street of New York and his breakfast wasn't too good. Logan and his friend are directed to hotel where The rock is staying. Logan and company are suppose to be collaborating with The rock. They give too much thought to The size of The rock's bathroom and view from his hotel room. Logan prepares for the act of a lifetime by making facial expressions in the mirror. Logan meets The Rock and gives him a taste of what to expect. Logan makes a point to tell The Rock that he's going to act weakishly in a scene with The Rock. For example a punch to the chest wont phase him. Then in the actual scene, Logan acts puny when The Rock gives him a handshake and gets a tense reaction when the rock punches him in the chest and a headbutt doesn't phase him. Then in Logan's vlog, Logan asks The rock how to get his size of biceps. Afterwards, The Rock then compliments Logan for being a tall man. Though, in the end Logan wishes he can get his size of muscles. They conclude the video by complimenting him for being genuine and real.

Published : Jan 19 2017