Lottery almost ruins mans life

This video is about a lottery prank that a husband decided to do on his wife of 22 years. He thought it would be funny to prank her and make her think they won the literally. The husband went out and bought a ticket with the previous nights drawing. He asked his wife to check the numbers while he was brushing his teeth he wanted to see her reaction. When he came out of the bathroom and asked his wife what happened, his wife tells him that she wants a divorce. The look on his face was priceless, the wife continued to tell him that she has not been happy and he was also kidding himself about their failed marriage. She proceeded to say we won 50 million dollars we, now we can afford to get a divorce. He was still trying to process all this information and was about to cry. His wife was going to leave him and his heart was breaking, then she tells him that she knew about the lottery prank. In the end his prank backfired on him and he nearly had a heart attack.

Published : Sep 11 2018