Make a career by destroying phones

Are you one of those people who change more than one phones per year because they can’t seem to keep the first one safe for a long time? If the answer to the question above is yes, then you of all people, should definitely keep reading!

Broken screens. Cracked phones. Smartphones that were baptized in water, beer, coffee and toilets. Phones that were silently sitting on the couch, annoying no one, before you sat…on them. All those are things that could happen to anyone, but to some people they happen more often than others.

You don’t need to have done all of those things mentioned above. Even one could be enough if you find yourself doing it too often (as an accident obviously, no one would do that on purpose, at least not for an obvious reason).

And at this point, you’re probably wondering what it would be enough for, so this might be a good time to give you the answer. It might be enough to make a career!

Now, a British e-shop offers to people who tend to be clumsier with their phones, the chance to make money by being clumsy.

The site is the “” and as the owners mention, they are tired of the usual smartphones critics and they want something that feels closer to the real world. Based on that concept they came up with what seems to be a brilliant idea, to ask someone who has a tendency for breaking things to test phones in order to check how much they can take before they (literally) crack.

For those who decide to work with the site, it is not clear whether the site provides them with the phones, or they have to break your own to get paid, but all they have to do is get as clumsy as they can with the phones that they have on their hands!

Sounds honestly like an interesting offer and a smart move from the site which can now claim to have run tests on the products it sells, by paying at least half the money it would pay to run regular professional tests on the phones.

For once more, it has been proven that even though we live in times were innovations are becoming a normal thing and sometimes it feels like there is nothing more to discover, there are still some people who think differently and seize the chance to make their own trend with anything they can get their hands on.

So all you need to come up with your own great unique idea, is good awareness of what’s going on around you, inspiration (that can come from anywhere you like) and a bit of luck that will help you combine all the above when the time is right. What are you waiting for? And who knows? Maybe one of our next articles will be about your innovation!

Published : Oct 9 2015