Microsoft, Mozilla and Google on the same team

Ok so, we all know for a fact that the technology industry – one of the most competitive yet profitable industries – is consisted by companies beyond count, that compete each other for a better place. Bu still, the top has already been taken by an elite of companies that practically rule the industry one way or another, without that being necessarily bad for the business and the rest of the world.

Now, three of those colossal companies decided to work together for the greater good. We’re talking about Microsoft, Mozilla and Google. They are working together in order to increase the global web’s speed when it comes to the services that the internet provides.

In other words, those three companies want to make all the web apps able to run at the same speed as the apps of a tablet or a computer run with. That way, the cloud computing will have nothing to be jealous of the more mainstream way that people use a computer.

Microsoft, Mozilla and Google are developing the WebAssembly, which is practically the requirements pack in order to make the code of the web apps more suitable for faster processing by any browser.

Likewise, the initiative of the three companies may also help a large range of other apps such as the countless online games, since with WebAssembly, the code written in C or C++ can be compiled to a appropriate binary form, so that it is performable by the Javascript of a browser.

Microsoft, Mozilla and Google are three of the biggest companies in their industry. When they compete each other, great things come up – mostly because one company tries to make better things than the other two. But when those three companies work together we expect to see even greater achievements being accomplished. So we definitely hope that this will only be the first of many other collaborations that will ultimately change a lot more than the internet and its apps!

A good example of the benefit that something like that can have for a web app is what the ITworld mentions about the Angry Birds game. This game is 19 MB long but once turned into binary form, it is just 6.3 MB! It may not look like much of a difference now, but do the same for the dozens of millions of web apps and the problem with internet’s capacity may be actually solved.

Windows operating system, Android operating system, Firefox OS mobile operating system, Internet Explorer (now also known as Edge), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome. Those are all achievements of those companies (needless to say which belong to whom). And each one of the achievements above has done more than fine on each own. So as a result we can be pretty accurate when we say, that the collaboration of the three colossal companies will bring us great things! All we have to do is be there when it happens. So stay tuned to learn all that’s new about this and many other hot topics!

Published : Oct 9 2015