News from the Apple WWDC 2015

Technology is an integral part of our daily lives and given that it is evolving extremely fast it is not always easy to keep up with the latest news that concern us all more or less. However events like the WWDC are worth noticing because that is where all the new innovations are first presented so we can get a pretty accurate idea about how the world will change in a few months from now. 

So let’s take a brief look at the all the new stuff Apple presented at the Apple WWDC 2015!

Meet the new OS X El Capitan

As expected, Apple announced the new edition of the OS X 10.11 El Capitan operating system. The updated os includes numerous of new improvements and changes that emphasize the using experience and of course the efficiency.

Some of the most important improvements to the new OS are the cursor’s zoom in option, the new possibilities that are added to the Safari (the user will be able to “pin” his favourite sites and they will appear left on the links bar as icons), and the Spotlight searches that are extended with weather predictions and match results.

On top of all that we can also expect to see some hardware improvements thus having faster app switch capabilities and PDF Previewing.

The OS X 10.11 El Capitan is available for developers while the official edition is expected to be released for free this autumn. Just like the iOS, the public beta will become available in July.

 iOS 9: The official presentation with new features and numerous improvements.

Truly, many major improvements are expected on the iPad with the new iOS 9, concerning its multitasking capabilities. The awaited Split-View (available exclusively for iPad Air 2) where the user will be able to run 2 apps side by side, was one of the features that attracted people’s interest the most.

Also the Slideover feature (available for the same models) is a particularly useful addition as it will allow the user to open a second app without having to leave the basic app he is already using. This will come in very handy especially with messaging apps or in case we need to take notes.

And of course, the Picture in Picture feature (available on iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3) will allow the user to watch a video while reading emails.

A few more improvements and additions at the iOS 9 are the renewed keyboard that has a shortcut menu and the new trackpad feature with a 2 finger gesture, the – a plug in that works as a personal mobile magazine – and Siri’s update which will make her 40% faster and more precise. 

Music in our ears from the Apple Music service

The music industry offers a great deal of profit which is why Apple kept the presentation of the new music service for the end. Among others, the Apple Music service will also be available for Android users and will provide the option of streaming from one’s favourite artists, enjoying video clips in HD and choose what to listen from playlists, a la Spotify.

Knowing already the dynamics of the Internet radio, especially in the USA, Apple starts this service as a worldwide radio-station that is named Beats 1 and it will be run by Zane Lowe. The service’s fees will be 9.99dollars per month, while there is a big chance (just like it happens with Spotify) to add a family pack of 5 people for 14.99 dollars per month.


This WWDC brought plenty of interesting, exciting announcements and additions that are expected to increase the added value of the company’s devices. Apple reminded us a lot of Google I/O concerning the presentations but of course they kept their style which adds a glow to their announcements. All the new stuff we saw will soon be released and we can’t wait for that. Until then, stay tuned!

Published : Oct 9 2015
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