Pimp your Chip

Linus from Linus Tech Tips begins by lamenting the boring choices Intel has made in releasing their recent 40th anniversary i7 8086K chip. He then proceeds to customize an i7 8700k. With assistance from Anthony, he delids and laps the chip's heat spreader, and then uses a brush on gold electroplating technique to apply gold to the heat spreader. Next, he applies a black plastic spray on coating to the chip's substrate, to change the appearance of the chip to make it more interesting than the standard green. 

The pair then decide to engrave the top with a design more appropriate for a 40th anniversary chip. They briefly mention completing the engraving with a laser, but as they lack the appropriate equipment, they take the electroplated heat spreader to a jeweler for engraving. With the cosmetic steps completed, they seal the chip back up, install in in a computer, and then run benchmarks. Their changes have significantly improved the performance of the stock chip, and their project has a better finished appearance than the expensive offering from Intel.

Published : Sep 11 2018