Private Planes: 2016 Presidential Candidates

Out of all the major contestants for the 2016 Presidential elections in the United States Donald Trump is the only one who fly in his her personal plane

Donald Trump

Out of all the major contestants for the 2016 Presidential elections in the United States, Donald Trump is the only one who fly in his / her personal plane. Often called ‘Trump Force One, Donald Trump has a private Boeing 757 – 200. If that is not extravagant enough, the plane is fitted with Rolls Royce engines, and has been re-outfitted several times to fit the extravagant life style of it’s owner. It is reported that it set Donald Trump back by a hundred million dollars.($ 100,000,000) Despite the enormous cost, it only has the ability to house 43 people, though many amenities are present, such as a theatre, gold seatbelts, and a bedroom.

Other than this, Trump is also the owner of three helicopters.

It is estimated that to charter such a plane, it would cost 14,500 $ an hour

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton does not have the money of Trump to have her very own plane. Early in her campaign, she restricted herself to flying on commercial flights. But as time went on, more people dropped out of the race, and she found herself having to attend many events. For this reason, she charted a planes later on her campaign. She is reported to have flown, for her campaigns, in a Dassault Flacon 900. This plane has the ability to seat a total of 13 people, and various reports indicate that this plane costs around seven thousand dollars ($ 7,000) an hour

Marco Rubio

Just like Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio flew commercial in the early stages of his campaign. Also like Hillary, he found himself getting crushed by schedules, and decided to shift to chartering private jets. Unlike Hillary, he prefers flying in Cessna Citation XL. That jet is quite infamous, seeing as how it is the world’s best selling private jet. Reports indicate that, of all the presidential candidates’ airplane, Cessna Citation XL costs the least per hour. It could seat a maximum of eight people. It also costs a relatively small of amount of four thousand one hundred ($ 4100) an hour.


Sanders also restricted himself to commercial flights in the beginning of his campaign. His picture found its way into the photos of many passengers, and he could be found in the personal phones of the his fellow neighbours. However, like every other serious presidential candidates, his schedule grew, and he found himself unable to keep up with the hectic schedule on a commercial plane. He decided to fly on a charted plane. He preferred plane is a Gulfstream G200. A Gulfstream G200 can seat a maximum of 8 people, and costs about $6500 an hour.

The Prize

Though the candidates are flying in different planes, they all have the goal of getting into the same aircraft : The Air Force One, one of the most infamous aircrafts in the world. It serves for the president, and is even protected from an electromagnetic pulse. It has, among other things, a conference hall, an office, a bedroom and many other utilities.

Published : May 3 2016