Sacrifice the United States for the Sake of the Empire or Sacrifice the Empire for the Sake of the United States

Catherine Austin Fitts is a long-time investment banker handling billions of dollars for clients. She knows and understands global economics. During the recent United States presidential election, Ms. Fitts was traveling in Europe. She scanned numerous European papers every day and was aghast at the rhetoric surrounding the candidates Clinton and Trump. 

Ms. Fitts decided to set the record straight. In this video, Ms. Fitts is interviewed by a journalist named Greg Hunter who has a following of nearly 90,000 subscribers. He lets Ms. Fitts continue with her own rant on the subject, which is filled with insight and facts mostly unknown to those of us who are not investment bankers and are not intimately involved with finances on a global scale. 

Ms. Fitts begins by stating that the campaigning between Clinton and Trump was a contest between sacrificing the United States for the sake of the Empire, as represented by Clinton, and sacrificing the Empire for the sake of the United States, represented by Trump. Ms. Fitts is relieved that Trump won the election. She says that now that funny money is no longer being played in this election, that it is time to get down to the nitty gritty of national economics.

Published : Dec 16 2016