Samsung's Galaxy A7 2018 makes the Huawei P20 Pro look expensive

As smartphones evolve, so do our requirements from them. One of the latest aspects of a

smartphone that we saw evolving radically over the last year was the camera, thanks to the Huawei

P20 Pro. Huawei’s flagship put its rivals to shame in terms of camera capabilities while it was touted

by all experts as the only smartphone camera that was equipped with features and specifications

found in professional DSLR cameras.

Although the above statement is true, it was also a good enough reason for the company to raise its

prices and – for the first time in its short history in the smartphone industry – go toe to toe against

its rivals in the premium category.

Now Samsung is set to bring the P20 Pro’s reign to an end, with its Galaxy A7 2018 smartphone

presentation, which will feature one dual camera and a telephoto lens on the back as well, just like

Huawei’s flagship.

The revelation was made recently, even though we’ve been hearing for such a feature by the Korean

phone maker for quite some time now. The only difference is that we were expecting a premium

device to pack such an upgrade. If anything, the company has just raised the bar for its upcoming

premium phones, aka the Galaxy S and Note series.

At this point it is worth noting that there’s no other device, except the two we’ve mentioned above,

that houses a triple camera. There’s talk concerning LG’s V40 which will be released this October,

but nothing we’ve confirmed so far.

Back to our phone of interest though, the Galaxy A7 2018 will sport a triple camera comprising of an

8 Megapixel 120-degrees ultra-wide-angle lens, a main 24 Megapixel lens and a 5 Megapixel depth

lens. This will give users the ability to take pictures both with a wide angle and portrait modes with

the notorious bokeh effect. Unfortunately, the company hasn’t mentioned any optical lens for

zooming. The selfie camera will at least be surprisingly powerful as well, packing a 24MP lens with

LED flash for bokeh effects and AR Emojis.

The device will also support the Scene Optimizer, a feature that we originally saw on the Galaxy Note

9, which automatically recognizes what the camera is looking at and adjust the settings. So that’s

two premium features and specs that we’ll get on a medium-end device.

As for the rest specs of the smartphone, we should definitely mention the 6inch AMOLED FHD+

Infinity Display, the two version of RAM, 4GB & 6GB and the 3.300 mAh battery. While the rest of

the features seem more than decent, the battery is the alarming part, since it must be quite a

struggle to power a 6inch FHD+ Infinity Display and manage to get through the entire day.

Samsung had promised to bring some innovative features to its mid-range devices, and clearly the

company has done so. Judging by the rest of the Galaxy A series and Samsung’s pricing strategy it

makes sense that the Galaxy A7 2018 will circulate at around $500.

That’s not a bad price at all for a smartphone that offers a camera you can find only on a $1,050

alternative. What do you think? Is Samsung’s upcoming smartphone worth the hype? Let us know in

the comments below!


Published : Oct 1 2018