Samsung is working on new phone with in-display front camera and haptic on-display technology

Samsung is working on a series of new technology that have to do with its OLED screens. The list includes several fields, such as the piezoelectric technology that generates sound by vibrating metal, which was first used by Xiaomi, or screen sensitivity. But more importantly, the company is working on integrating the front camera in the screen and putting the fingerprint sensor on the screen as well. The result could be much larger screens and a considerably higher screen to body ratio, since if they achieve that, there will be no need for bezels and notches.

The news surfaced recently, when the World Intellectual Property Organization published a patent that was submitted in by Samsung last May and shows a screen with holes which possibly serve as the space where the front facing camera and the fingerprint sensor will be placed.

The abstract reads about “an electronic apparatus having a hole area which may enlarge an image or application screen through analysis and a method for controlling a hole area of an electronic apparatus are provided. Some embodiments provide an electronic apparatus having a hole area, capable of analyzing an edge (or edge of an application screen) of an image and displaying on one of an entire area or a main area and a method for controlling a hole area of the electronic apparatus”.

Combining the above with rumours about the upcoming Galaxy S10, we hope to see the new features that the South Korean tech giant is working on, make an appearance in the next flagship.

Although there hasn’t been a phone that sports an in-screen front camera yet, there have been plenty with on-screen haptic technology. Surprisingly, the first device to sport such an innovative feature was Vivo’s Nex S handset, a premium phone from a mid-end company. And it even has a hidden camera that placed inside the phone and behind the screen and it pops out only when the user opens the camera app or clicks it.

Then there are plenty more decent and premium devices that sport the same feature, such as the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, OnePlus’ upcoming 6T, Oppo R17, Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition and two more

Vivo models.

Samsung may need to invest more in the technologies its working on, after all. From the looks of it, the in-screen camera is a feature that the company needs to conquer first, if they want to remain in the list of the top smartphone innovators.

Let us know what you think about those two new features that Samsung is working on. Stay tuned to read all the latest news on this and many other hot technology topics!

Published : Oct 27 2018
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