Slept on too often

This captures the emotions after a victory for UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier. I really admire this fighter for being able to win so consistently, and being such a great role model for those who look up to him. This fighter goes about his business, and works hard day in and day out, and despite what fans may think of him, just continues to dominate. This win in particular came after his heartbreaking loss to Jon Jones a little while ago. This loss was different however, because Jon Jones later tested positive for a certain drug, rendering the match to not count. Daniel Cormier for this reason held on to his title. He talks about how he felt that this match was big for him to make himself feel like the champion again, because that is just the kind of competitor that he is. I love watching any interview with Cormier, because it is really just very motivating hearing what someone like that has to say, because you can really apply it to any aspect of your life. I love watching athletes interviews in general because it is just so cool to me how people put so much time and dedication into something.

Published : Jan 22 2018