Social Justice Warrior Awards

"Video details some of the funniest and most outrageous moments involving social justice warriors in 2016. Some of these individuals includes people such as aids skrillex, who was yelling at someone because they were a ""white male"". Other individuals on this list include people like trigglypuff, who decided she wanted to interrupt a presentation by yelling and screaming sjw propaganda.

Next up is annalise Nelson, the girl who decided she wanted to harass a Lyft driver for having a hawaiian girl bobble-head on his dashboard. The driver lost his job but got it back after her video recording hit the internet, showing how retarded and disrespectful she was.

To continue this list, we have an sjw in south africa who decided that science is not legitimate and should be thrown out entirely.

The number one sjw of the year is the woman who harassed the ""hugh mungus"" guy, the video details how she kept asking his name, when he didn't want to tell her, he responded with ""hugh mungus"" so that she would leave him alone, the woman freaked out screaming sexual harassment towards him for his response.

This same woman was kicked out of a city council for being rude and obnoxious."

Published : Jan 10 2017