Tesla Model 3: First Look

The car for the masses

Now, when all the fans and observers could get a glimpse of the new Tesla 3, the dream of electric cars reaching wide masses seems to be realizing. Even though most details will be revealed, as Elon Musk promised, in the next company’s event, there is a room for discussing.

Given the presented car’s price at the level of $35,000, it is still noticeably higher than the price of an average petrol car, yet much more affordable for the masses, and it is clearly what the company’s inspirer pursues. The company strives to lower the production costs by establishing its own plant that will manufacture batteries for its cars, instead of purchasing them from the suppliers.

At the event, Elon Musk did not lose a chance to brag about 115,000 already-made preorders, each of which costs $1,000. Thus, the company has already raised $115 million. According to the company’s estimates, Tesla expects to see 500 thousand sold cars every year, while it is succeeding to sell only 50 thousand per year at the present time.

Focus on safety

Safety of electric cars has been always one of the core issues. After several terribly hazardous vulnerabilities were found in WV’s and Hyundai’s cars in 2014, the problem has come to the fore even stronger. Then, Tesla Model 2 had been vulnerable to hacking as well.

This time, the safety issue has turned to be the cornerstone of Tesla’s efforts. After its Model S has coped to get five stars in safety ratings, now the innovative company from the Silicon Valley has made a promise that the Model 3 will get five stars in the rating of safety anytime the car is tested.

Different than the previous models

The presented Model 3 car is the first Tesla’s car that is based on the company’s platform of the third generation. It is likely that the given platform will also be used in the company’s further sports and crossover cars. Elon Musk pointed out that essentially the new model has nothing mutual with the previous Model X and Model S, because Tesla did not to share some pieces. Rather, as Musk said, Tesla took advantage of its learning curve and applied its ideas.

What strikes the eye more is that the Model 3 is not covered by solely aluminum, like the Model S, but rather by a combination of aluminum and steel.

The tech side of the car

Unfortunately, Elon Musk did not speak out a lot about the tech side of the new car. There are several things that were revealed to the public. First of all, the Model 3 is able to accelerate up to 60 km/h within 6 seconds. He also confirmed the following specialties of the car: capabilities of auto-pilot, access to the supercharger, and a really huge rear window.

One could also see a large screen placed near the seat of a driver. Elon Musk promised that it will be supplemented by the hardware of Autopilot, which is needed for driving semi-autonomously.

After all, it is clear that the Model 3 has a nice design, which is similar to the design of the cars from the Tesla family. However, the Model 3 got some unique features like a little bit changed front. Yet, the car features same pop-out door that the Model S and Model X have had.

All in all, Tesla has done its best to focus on two issues: expanding into the mass market and focusing on safety, while trying to improve the tech side and design as much as possible at a low cost.


Published : Apr 2 2016