The 5 Best roads in the world to drive your car

If you like traveling, driving and dreaming, we’ve got for you the 5 best routes that you owe yourself to drive through, at least once in your life.

For any petrol head, the best road to drive is considered the one where the driver can make the most out of his car, enjoy the ride and chase the limits. But then there are those drivers who also have that road trip gene in them. Those who look only at the Instagram posts that have the ‘wanderlust’ hashtag, looking not only for roads to speed up, drift and roar, but breathtaking sceneries and dreamy sunsets behind the wheel as well. If you belong to the latter, this list of the best roads to drive is for you!

#5 Mountain Course, Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a small island in the Irish sea, administratively autonomous and pretty much tax heaven. But the main reason that this small island ‘sinks’ from visitors every May is the epic TT motorcycle contest which takes place on a 37-mile track. It comprises of 256 turns in public streets and expands from one of the islands to the other. With an asphalt that feels like a carpet, this track has scarce small traditional villages throughout the way and in many cases, the house walls serve as bars for those who race. There’s even a famous anecdote between fans of the TT contest, where a rider lost control of his bike and ended up in a family’s kitchen ‘eating breakfast’ along with the rest of the family! Additionally, although this island is Irish, it still can’t get away from the British weather, which is famous for changing every 30 minutes between extremes. This practically means that within one round, you can find yourself driving through rain, storm, fog and then the sunniest field you’ve ever come across. What more do you need for a driving adventure?

#4 Extraterrestrial Highway, USA

Apart from Area 51, this highway is - as the name implies - the road to vague adventure in Nevada. Although pretty much all routes across the Atlantic are interesting, places like this on reveal the endlessness of most of the States. The roadbook is simple. If you’re on a road trip, you’ve probably driven through Las Vegas. In case you didn’t gamble all your money there, gas upon any gas station, take the Interstate 15 with destination the Salt Lake City and drive for half an hour, till you meet Route 93, also known as ‘Great Basin Highway’. Keep going north and another 30 minutes later you’ll pass Alamo and choose the 375. Soon you’ll realize that this is what roads on Mars would be like. You just keep driving and driving...and driving more. With such a horizon, it’s pretty hard to keep your eyes on the road. And there’s an Easter Egg too: The aero-base - and any other projects they are running there - give you a spectacular show in the skies every now and again.

#3 Route Napoleon, France

Another enjoyable entrance on the list, this track is often used by carmakers to officially present their latest models and test them for the first time. It all starts with the French Riviera, a fancy and glamorous place to begin. Only within the next 202 miles, you’ll have to forget all that fanciness. On this legendary road that Napoleon returned from when he came back from his exile in Ebra, there are countless stylish old-looking villages that hold the French tradition in architecture. It’s also worth noting that the Alpes add a lot to the scenery. Green in the spring and snowy-white in the winter, they’ll play an important role in your trip.

#2 Ruta 40, Argentina

Now we’re pretty much getting into my personal wish list. Ruta 40, or Rute 40 is 3231.13 miles long. Claiming the title of one of the longest roads in the world, it connects Punta Loyola with La Quiaxa and the Bolivian border in the North! It stretches alongside the Andes, which results in beautiful alterations in the altitude, starting from 0 - sea level - and going all the way up to 16404.2 feet! Needless to mention the 18 rivers, 20 national parks and 27 tunnels that you drive through. This is what I’d call a true adventure.

#1 Route 1, Iceland

This is the route that cycles the entire island of the North Atlantic. Adding up to 828 miles, it gives you the opportunity to see every corner of this other world. An amazing trip that takes through mountains, lakes, waterfalls, volcanoes, and fjords. If you’re lucky and bold enough to drive at night - this is not advised when driving a route for the first time - you may even the Northern lights (aurora borealis).

#1 Furka Pass, Switzerland

James Bond fans should know this route well. It became widely popular in 1964 and for good reason. This is where one of the most iconic scenes of ‘Goldfinger’ takes place. The Furka Pass connects Realp with Gletsch and offers a unique view to the Alpes. Other than amazing asphalt and turns, this route also goes through the magical icy tunnel ’Rhone Glacier Ice Grotto’. 

Do you have other destinations in mind? Share your favorite track in the comments below and stay tuned for the second volume!

Published : Nov 7 2019