The 5 Best roads in the world to drive your car Vol. 2

If you haven’t read the first part make sure you give it a look for a quick catch up. Because this second part contains the second batch of 5 of the top 10 roads to drive for an unforgettable adventure that any petrol head out there would dream about.

#5 Stelvio Pass, Italy

We left the previous one at the Furka Pass, a road that got into the map thanks to the Goldfinger. The Stelvio Pass though doesn’t need any such introductions. This personal favorite pick is the reason that Alfa Romeo named its first SUV ‘Stelvio’, hence making a solid connection between their SUV and the skills that are required to drive through this Pass effortlessly. This Italian passage goes through the Alps and reaches heights of approximately 9,045 feet. It comprises of 75 turns, 48 of which are 180 degrees, aka U-turns. For the more free-spirited, this also the ‘battlefield’ where Italy’s bicycle round takes place.

#4 Transfagarasan, Romania

Admittedly, Top Gear was the first show that brought this track to our attention. But the popularity that it gained after that is solely thanks to its beauty and design, allowing drivers to express themselves behind the wheel, through long turns, narrow passages and dangerous cliffs with no protected rails. As dangerous as it may sound, this road which goes through the Carpathian Mountains is a great adrenaline rush for those who dare! It was built in 1970 as the answer of Nicolae Ceausescu to Russia’s intrusion in Checho-Slovakia. The Romanian leader wanted to establish a quick passage of his military through the mountains, in case the Russians wanted to expand their operations in Romania too. The result today is a 56-mile road known as the DN7C which climbs up to 6.700 feet, making it the road with the second-highest altitude in the Balkans, losing only to the ‘Transalpina’. 

#3 Atlantic Road, Norway

It may be just 5.4 miles long, but it is undoubtedly one of the most famous roads on the planet, and for good reason. As you can guess by its name, the ‘Atlanterhavsveien’ take you just above the Atlantic Ocean, connecting a block of small islands in the Norwegian shore. In total, 10 construction companies had to collaborate to bring this piece of art to life. It was made to provide safety even in the worst of weather conditions, however, there’s no need to try that out. If you want to get the most out of the Atlantic Road, plan a trip during Spring or Summer, where every mile is a thousand pictures of various magic sceneries, fjords, and so much more!

#2 North Yorkshire Moors, England

Speaking of short but magnificent tracks, we can’t leave out the Blackey Ridge, the 17-mile road in the UK that takes you through small well-preserved traditional English villages such as the Rosedale Abbey with remains of a Cistercian Priory founded in 1158 for a small group of nuns, historic pubs like the Lion Inn, the famous valley of Farndale and even the remains of an ironstone mine workings. This road promises an exciting alternation of colorful images, dark mansions, and flowery fields. Just make sure to start your adventure from Castleton and drive all the way to Hutton-le-Hole, home to the award-winning Ryedale Folk Museum.

#1 Route 66, USA

As mentioned in the first part, this is the ultimate road trip. Driving all 4,000 miles of Route 66 is a dream for countless car and road trip enthusiasts. Of course, one would need weeks to cross all 7 States of this road, starting from Chicago and ending at Santa Monica. But who can argue that it’s totally worth it? For 3 decades now, this route holds the record of the road with the most selfies taken on it.

Have you driven on any of those roads, or are you planning a road trip? Do you have the experience to share? Feel free to share in the comments below!

Published : Nov 7 2019