The Messiah Does Sibera - Jesus 2.0

Just over 2,000 years since the original incarnation, Jesus has returned and he's not about to let a little cold weather dampen his spirit! In a forest deep in the heart of Siberia, the gentleman formerly known as Vissarion is laying claim to being the second coming of Christ, and so far, at least 4,000 people have signed up to follow Jesus 2.0 as he expresses his belief in UFOs, the imminent destruction of the earth and demise of mankind, and the importance of clear-cut gender roles. He's written what he calls "The Last Testament," which picks up where the New Testament left off, with lots of little handy advice for his followers, and a complete description of how the world will end. His followers seem pretty normal on the surface, but as an investigative journalist digs a little deeper, he realizes maybe it's time to get his passport and head back to New York City while the getting is good. Take a look and decide for yourself - are these folks standing at the precipice of Paradise, or 5 minutes away from a batch of bad kool-aid??

Published : Feb 8 2017
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