The new Apple Music service has been released

We have talked about it in the past and we’ve presented to you with as many details as possible in previous articles. But news change, or get replaced by the latest ones, so now it’s time to give you a brief update on the latest news about the Apple Music service.

The service was expected to become available on June 30th and as the company claims, it will be a revolutionary music streaming service, which will not only hold against all the competition but will also strike back with very worthy features such as the 24/7 available radio and the “Connect”, the social networking option.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple stated during the WWDC: “We love music. Music is an important part of our life and our culture and we have a long relationship with music in Apple”.

The service is available for Apple devices that run with the iOS but will soon be available for PC and Mac devices as well through the company’s iTunes, while the owners of Android devices will be in position to take advantage of the service later in 2015.

Apple Music’s release looks like it’s going to bring some reclassifications to Apple’s digital music industry since the company was more focused on selling music through the iTunes Store. Now, with the new service, users will have access to more than 30 million songs that they’ll be able to purchase so they can listen to their favourite music even if they’re not online.

Yesterday we witnessed the opening of the radio station included to the service, which for now has on station called Beats 1. On this station some of the most popular DJs located in Los Angeles, New York and London will make the selections of the songs. However, it remains unknown whether the DJs had signed a contract with the company before or if the company is still on the search for talented and rather popular DJs.

As “The Guardian” mentions, among the names that will “sit on the decks” we will also listen to musical selections made by celebrities like Elton John, Dr Dre, Pharrell Williams and Drake.

We now expect to see how the service will do for Apple, given that there is already a big competition going on, with Spotify getting prepared to do anything in order to keep its place. And according to the first estimations, things will get more intense as time goes by, due to the fact that the two companies offer similar services which means one of them will have to come up with something innovative sooner or later, or they might lose ground quickly.

If we had to guess, we'd say that we shall see new moves from both those companies as each will try to get ahead for the other. It already sounds interesting. Sigh tight and stay tuned to read all the latest news on this and many more hot topics!

Published : Oct 9 2015