The perks of having a big backside

Studies and researches are being conducted all the time. Some are cool, clever and interesting while others are weirder and even more interesting.

So as if Oxford University’s study (according to which women with larger buttocks appear to have higher IQ) was not enough, we now learn about a new similar research conducted from the University of Pittsburgh which ended up to the conclusion that women with a big backside tend to have smarter kids!

And on top of all that, if you are a woman that belongs in that category, read below why you should be proud of this particular area of your body!

First of all let’s clear out that as strange as these studies may appear, the results are based on some scientific data and facts. At least that goes for the real studies (just a quick tip to identify false from true studies). So, starting with the first mentioned research from the University of Oxford, researchers found that to be true due to the fact that those women have an increased production of Ω3 (Omega 3) fatty acids which mobilize brain development. And as you can imagine, those fatty acids are stored in rear area.

The same study also proved that women with a large backside tend to have decreased cholesterol levels, while they metabolise better the hormones that help to avoid diabetes and heart problems. Those women are more resistant chronic diseases.

Now based on the research above, scientists from the University of Pittsburgh conducted a study which shows that the same Omega 3 fatty acids are included to the breast milk of those women which they generously feed to their babies! So you see where this is going? Yes, that’s right, those babies appear to have increased chances to become smarter and happier as they grow up.

Of course the head of the research, Dr. William Lassek, who recently published a book titled “Why Women Need Fat”, stresses out that intelligence is not exclusively connected to the size of a woman’s rear end but also to the woman’s good physical condition as well as her balanced diet.

So if you want to have happy and clever kids, first make sure that you have a good physical condition and a healthy diet. Of course having a larger backside than the usual is a factor that would most likely contribute to that but no need to worry if you don’t have one.

And of course we don’t need to read any studies to know that having bigger buttocks is something that today’s trends are looking for so as a matter of fact, it is a perk on its own! And it is one among other things that many famous female celebrities (such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj) are known and wanted for.

Times change, so make sure to embrace your larger rear end and feel proud about your body, especially now that all studies point to it!

Published : Oct 9 2015