Top Amazon Halloween Costume & Accessories Deals

Halloween is just around the corner and soon the streets will fill with haunted houses and children’s voices knocking doors and bargaining for tricks and treats. As it happens every year, most people wait until last minute to get their costumes, carved pumpkins and sweet. This year though should be different for you. Because this year, Amazon’s Halloween Store has an endless supply of goods; from spooky costumes for all ages, pet costumes and accessories, to candy, décor and movies, you won’t have to look anywhere else.

To save you some time we’ve made up a list of the most interesting and competitive deals on Amazon. Click on anything you find fitting for your concept and purchase away!

InCharacter Baby Lil' Monkey Costume

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There are plenty animal costumes that our little ones look cute in, but this Lil’ Monkey costume is the only one destined for your kid! The biggest size fits babies up to 2 years old. It’s machine washable, includes a lined zippered bodysuit with leg snaps for easy diaper change, plus slip-on booties with skid resistant bottoms, for babies who like to walk it off, and ships all over US for $35.99 plus shipping.

DC Comics Deluxe Muscle Chest, The Flash Costume

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Although DC is just as big of a Universe as Marvel, there’s only a handful of mainstream heroes who have made it to the big screen and consequently to our children’s hearts. And even though Flash is – for the most part – in that narrow selection, it did come as a surprise when we found out that this is Amazon’s hottest selling Halloween costume for ages 3 to 6 – ranked #5 in Kids' Costumes.

Perhaps it’s the red color that sparks the hype in them, or the mask with the lightnings indicating that once they wear it, they will be ‘the fastest man alive’.

Whatever the case, your child will have hours of fun role-playing one of the greatest members of the Justice League. The costume has attached boot tops and a belt, and you can get it for $22.99.

Beetlejuice Deluxe Adult Costume

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While young ones may spend hours, or even days fantasizing how they’re going to look in their favourite costume – for this year at least – adults usually have a harder time finding something tasteful, yet sharp and funny.

This year we found exactly that for you! Beetlejuice’s costume comprises of a pair of vertically stripped black and white long sleeve jacket and pants, white shirt and a front dickie with black necktie. Since it’s the deluxe version, it uses a matte woven fabric that resembles suit-type material. The jacket has a single button closure, is snug in the armpits, but the sleeves are the correct length.

In other words, you can wear the same costume to work, if the long black and white stripes ever come to fashion; or if you’re into that style for that matter. Getting a costume and potentially apparel is a good damn deal, considering it costs just $31.84. Just keep in mind that costumes are not sized the same as apparel, so you should use Rubie's Men's size chart to find the best fit.

Rubie's Shark Pet Costume

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It’s not a Halloween party, unless EVERYONE is dressed. We went through hundreds of costumes for our little four-legged friends, but they’re all either too discomforting for the animals, or too tailored for one species specifically.

This Shark costume however fits in both cats and small size dogs, and it’s comfortable for them to walk around in it. In addition, seeing your pet walking around with what appears to be a shark eating from tail to head, is probably one of the funniest things you can imagine.

The best part is that you can get that for $10! Just make sure to refer to Rubie’s size guide again, or your dog may end up eating the shark instead of the other way around.

Lava the Original 2117 14.5-Inch Silver Base Lamp with Orange Wax in Blue Liquid

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Costumes are not the only thing people buy for this season. And since we’ve provided you with options for the entire family, now it’s time to get on to your house décor options.

This lava lamp is known and used all year long, which is the most basic reason why we decided to put on this list. It’s a silver aluminium base and cap with a 25Watt light bulb which plugs into a standard 120-Volt wall power outlet and gives soft and low lighting to create either a relaxing or spooky atmosphere.

And the orange wax with the blue liquid is not your favourite combination, you can choose anyone you like from 7 more alternatives. The price varies from $14.99 for the orange wax in blue liquid, to $30.87 for the white wax in purple liquid edition.

Death's Door Dragon Sandtimer Hourglass

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Same as before, this is a decorating option that can be displayed proudly all year long. It’s a sandtimer that has four blue dragons standing guard as sand signals the time that’s passing by. It takes a total of 5 minutes from the entire sand to drop to the bottom half part of the glass.

The dragons who count the hour on each side, have been hand crafted by Design Toscano, the country’s premier source for historical replicas. Dimensions are 2.6 x 1.8 x 5.9 inch and the entire piece is available on Amazon for $38.90 or $62.90 for a set of 2, in which case you save around 15 bucks. If anything, this will make an irreplaceable gift to anyone who appreciates a good craft.

If there’s any product that you think should be included in this Halloween list, shoot a comment down below.

Published : Oct 22 2018