Understanding Nail Fungus Treatment

Understanding Nail Fungus Treatment

The appearance of toenails that have nail fungus will cause many people to go through the summer months hiding their feet rather than wearing the beautiful summer sandals. Nail fungus can cause a yellowing of the nail, and it can also cause the nail to become thick and hard to keep trimmed properly. The nail will often start to crumble and become quite unsightly to most people. In order for you to be able to find the best cure for nail fungus treatment for this problem you are going to need to understand what caused the problem, and how to prevent reoccurrence of it.

There are three main fungi that cause a person to develop the need for a nail fungus medicine.

1.            Dermatophytes cause the largest number of funguses of this type

2.            Yeasts cause a significant amount of these fungi

3.            Molds can also create these fungi

Understanding the Fungi

Fungi are actually microscopic organisms that can thrive without sunlight. There are some of these organisms that are actually good for the body and some that cause the body to be ill or compromised by an infection. The good fungi and the bad fungi share a few things in common; such as the fact that they live in warm, moist environments like your shower and can invade your body through a break in the skin that is so small that you cannot see it with a naked eye. When you are having ingrown toenail treatment you are highly susceptible to the bacteria that will leave you wondering how to cure nail fungus.

In order for toenail fungus to grow it has to be kept in a dark and damp environment. Wearing closed toe shoes all of the time will help the fungus to grow and possibly even spread to your other toes. Wearing open toed shoes on occasion and going without shoes altogether will allow the nail to become drier and less favorable for fungal growth.

Does the Body's Immune System Fight Nail Fungus on the Toes?

Actually if you get this fungus on your fingers the body sends the immune system warriors to battle the invading organisms and often you will not require any nail fungus treatment because of your own body's defense system. The toes are constricted into shoes for the majority of the day and this constriction reduces the amount of circulation you have to them. The reduced circulation means a reduction in the response of the immune system to the invasion. This is why toenails that have a fungus will generally require treatment while fingernails will often heal with no treatment.

What Types of Treatments are Available for This Condition?

o             There are oral medications that can be prescribed by your doctor to cure nail fungus.

o             There are topical creams that can be applied for this condition.

o             There are antifungal lacquers that are prescribed for the treatment of nail fungus.

o             There are some people who have to result to having their nail surgically removed in order to rid themselves of the fungi.

o             There are homeopathic remedies that many people use as foot fungus treatment.

Are There any Nail Fungus Home Remedy Treatments?

People often try home remedies for medical conditions before they will seek the advice of a physician. Some people will seek home remedies to a condition when the medications and treatments the physician recommends do not seem to be helping them. So there are actually thousands of different home remedies concerned with how to treat nail fungus that people have tried and each of these remedies have worked for someone, but they may not necessarily work for you. However, there are two home remedies that appear to have some beneficial effects for every person that tries them.

o             Vinegar soaks for the feet are said to cure nail fungus. There is no scientific evidence that this is true, but there have been studies done that show that vinegar does inhibit the growth of a number of bacteria and therefor the vinegar soaks may indeed be beneficial in the treating nail fungus. You may soak your feet in a mixture that contains one part vinegar to two parts warm water every day. This may cause skin irritation for some people and if it does reduce the number of soakings to two or three times per week.

o             Baking soda has been reported by many people to be a natural nail fungus treatment. Scientifically this is an unproven statement, but baking soda does have an effect on some bacteria and may help your body fight the infections and causes of your nail condition.

Are Oral Medications Quicker to Cure the Condition than Creams or Ointments?

Oral medications are given to help get rid of nail fungus, but they are almost never prescribed to be used alone. You will have an oral medication to speed up the healing process and you will use a topical medication at the same time. Zetaclear is one over the counter product that combines both an oral treatment and a topical treatment for the condition.

The Risks Involved with Postponing Nail Fungus Treatment.

The best nail fungus treatment will help you to kill the fungus and allow your toenails to be restored to a healthy and attractive state. For the majority of people having these fungi living in their nail beds will be nothing more than an annoyance, but there are some individuals that have compromised immune systems that these fungi can cause serious complications for.

The fungi can cause permanent damages to the nail in question. It can also lead to other infections that reach beyond your feet and are very serious. Diabetics and people who are on medications that suppress their immune systems are especially vulnerable to complications from a lack of nail fungus treatment.

If you see the signs and symptoms of nail fungus beginning on one of your feet you should try the natural and homeopathic treatments like Zetaclear before the condition reaches a point that you begin to ponder how to treat nail fungus.

Nail fungus treatment reviews suggest using a product that is completely natural and free of dangerous chemicals will allow you to treat the problem without potentially causing other problems to occur. The only way to stop the problem is to discover the underlying cause and correct it. Once you have solved the question of how to cure toenail fungus you want to maintain preventative measures to remain fungi free.

Preventative Measures You Can Take Before, During, and After Treatment

1.            Keep your toenails trimmed short and keep them clean

2.            Never go into public areas like the showers in gyms without shoes to stop the need for toenail fungus treatment.

3.            Wear socks that help wick the moisture away from your feet so that your feet stay drier

4.            Use an antifungal spray inside your closed toe shoes so that the fungi does not get the opportunity to grow

5.            When you go to have a pedicure done either use a salon that you know sterilizes their equipment or bring your own personal equipment for the manicurists to use as a means of avoiding the need for toe nail fungus treatment.

6.            Wear rubber gloves when you are doing dishes and household chores that cause your hands to get wet and remain that way for a length of time as cures for nail fungus.

7.            Stop getting artificial nails placed over your own nails and stop using nail polish. If you do polish your nails be sure and remove it frequently and allow your nails to be polish free for two or more days per week.

8.            When you have an infected nail be certain that you wash your hands after you touch it to reduce the chance that you might spread the infection to your other nails.

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