WalkCar: Like a MacBook on Wheels [Video]

Ever wanted to go somewhere but didn’t feel like walking or taking the bus? The car is a good solution to that problem, except it is surprisingly hard to find a place to park it, plus you need a considerable amount of money to keep any kind of car in your possession. So the maybe a bike, right? Well, seems like a good idea, until you realise it gets tiring, it’s dangerous and it costs as well.

So did we just reject all our options? It seems like we did except…we didn’t! Because now you have a new vehicle to move around, one that fits in your bag actually! This joyous machine is like a Segway that's been forced onto a diet of kale and brambles. Or perhaps it's like a skateboard developed by a sawn-off shotgun manufacturer.

This new gadget is been developed by a Japenese Engineer Kuniako Satio of 26. Japan engineers would always be first in this type of inventions. All the inventions of them would be very different and will be helpful for busy lives to make it easy. There are many such inventions which would surprise you.

Saito has a curiously Applesque attitude toward design. He told Reuters: “It seems to me that the US is always the one which invents new products and Japan is the one which takes those products and improves on them to make a better version of it. Maybe I just see it that way, but it seems to me that the U.S. is always the one which invents new products and Japan is the one which takes those products and improves on them to make a better version of it. But here in this case, the WalkCar is a totally new product I have started from scratch. So I also I want to show the world that Japan can also be innovative”. He says it can withstand 265 pounds of human. It will, therefore, have a limited market in the US.

The walk car comes in two different variations one for the indoor and as for outdoor as well. This device is made from aluminum which ensures the light weight which weigh between 2 to 3kg (4.4 to 6.6 pounds). Durability is also one of its many useful features, as this device can take load upto 120 KG how cool is that you can every carry a bag with you. The lightweight aluminum board is stronger than it looks.

When fully charged, the Walk Car travels up to 12 km distance. Once the rider stands on it the Walk Car starts automatically and when simply stepping off, it stops. To change direction, the user must shift his weight to that direction he wants.

This gadget will be available on Kickstarter at the price tag of approximately $800 USD. We hope to see everyone with one of their own. The shipping is expected to begin the spring of 2016. What are you waiting for? Get your Walk Car now and see how it is to ride your vehicle and then park it in your bag. Happy shopping!

By: bi jog | General | Aug 16 2015
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