What people are saying about their credit cards?

Capital One - Quicksilver Rewards

I enjoy the benefits it provides to me as a consumer, for example, the cash back rewards on I earn on purchases. I also enjoy the user-friendly interface and ease of accessing my account. The app for my smartphone puts all my account maintenance in my hands at all times even on the go.

Citibank - Citi Double Cash

My preferred credit card is cash back card and in this category I use "Citi Double Cash" the most. Its advantages for me include zero annual fee, effectively 2% cash back (1% at purchase and 1% at payment). Best part of this card for me is flat unlimited cash back which frees me from hassle of always looking out for spending limits and categories

Central Cooperative Bank - Visa Electron Card

I like that I can use it on many international sites like eBay, Amazon and so on and so forth. Also, almost all paying services sites such as PayPal, Alert pay etc. accepts Visa cards no problem. That for me is the main reason for using this card (online shopping). It has very low monthly fee and it works great for me. I don't know what other specifics I have to add, there isn't any bonuses with the card, just a regular Visa Electron Card.

Wells Fargo - Wells Fargo Home Rebate Visa Card (Platinum)

I like the card because it allows me to get a rebate on a percentage of the purchases I make with the card. When I have accumulated $25 in purchase "rebates" (percentage back), Wells Fargo automatically applies that to my mortgage (which we also have with Wells Fargo). This allows us to make small but additional payments towards the principal of our mortgage, which, over time, will (hopefully) save us money by allowing us to pay off the mortgage just a little faster.

Citi Bank - Citi Forward Card

I like that I earn rewards that can be used for various things, such as merchandise or statement credits. I typically use my points to make purchases directly on Amazon. I like that they have great customer service so if I ever have an issue I can get it resolved quickly. I like that the interest rate is lower than some of my other credit cards.

Comenity Bank - Loft Mastercard

I like that I can earn points on purchases. I can then turn these points into cash cards to use for new items at Loft stores. I buy a lot of clothes there so it allows me to save money on clothes. They also offer a lot of 2x-4x point earning options on purchases which allows the points to add up faster.

Bank of America - BankAmericard Cash Rewards

What I like the most that this is a good card to use for everyday errands, the BankAmericard Cash Rewards card offers a 3 percent spending bonus on gas purchases and a 2 percent bonus on groceries; however, there is a strict $1,500 cap on combined purchases in these categories each quarter. These are both very relevant with my purchasing patterns and I maximize the cash rewards each quarter. Also, this was an extremely convenient card choice with all my other accounts already being with BofA, the ease of managing my financial account all within one place is less stressing.

Capital one - Capital One Platinum

This card has been one of my favorite cards. The customer service has been amazing. They are always friendly and willing to help me when I call them. I was late for a few payments and they quickly and easily made arrangements with me. I do not get any cash back or special rewards. The card's interest rate is low at 3.9%. I have a credit limit of $3000. The card is simple and that is really why I like it.

Citi Bank - Citi Double Cash Card

What I like is I got 18 months interest free. Plus, I get 2 points for every dollar I spend. They also check my prices from purchase to see if there are cheaper prices elsewhere.

PNC - Visa Rewards Card

I like the interest rate and how easy it is to stay on top of fees.

Capital One - Capital One Platinum

It gives me the ability to build my credit without any annual fees.

Chase - Chase Freedom

5% cash back bonus

Comerica - Visa Card

I like this card in that it was called a secured credit card. I was new to credit and this card enabled me to get experience with owning a credit card and building up a credit history and credit score, with no money. I simply had to allow them to take $1000 out of my bank account and I was good to go. I like the card because of that reason.

Chase – Amazon

I like that I earn money to spend on amazon for however much I use to charge on it. The benefit is a nice discount on purchases that I order online.

Capital One - Capital One Platinum

My limit is set pretty low, so it doesn't encourage overspending. I like the online platform, which is very easy to use, and shows me my credit score (which updates monthly).

Capital One - Capital One Quicksilver One

I like that fact that I get 1.5% cash back on every purchase! Makes it easy to not have to keep track of different programs. They also automatically raised my limit significantly right before Christmas a few years ago. That helped a lot!

Discover - Discover IT

I like that 0% APR for the first 14 months. This allowed me to get a lot of stuff and pay it off over time with zero interest.

HSBC - Best Buy Credit Card

I like that I can buy products from Best Buy without using my cash or debit cards. It's really an added bonus and I just make monthly payments on it with no hassle.

Capital One - GM Card

The card has no annual fee and gives me back 5% on my first $5000 of purchases every year, with 2% after that, towards the purchase of a new GM car including Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac. The earnings never expire and there is no limit to how much I can accumulate.

Published : Oct 19 2017
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