What you NEED to know for the New Year!

Tired of boring your friends with the same old trivia? Curious about how gross beer really is? How many hearts an octopus has? How tiger sharks start out life as the survivor of a bloody war? This video will give you 15 amazing facts that you can impress (or continue to bore) your friends and family with! Ranging from the Queen of England, to deserts, the English language, fuzzy animals, and pizza. This isn't just your regular old run of the mill "TOP OF" videos, this one has things you need to know for the coming New Year. Even if no one is impressed with how much useless trivia you are chock full of, you simply won't be able to get along without knowing how many hearts an octopus has. Go on, guess how many. Are you right? You don't know! Find out!

Published : Jan 9 2017