Windows 10 Went Public Earlier Than Expected

We all expected Windows 10 and whatever they were to bring with them (referring to new features). But Microsoft once again surprised us by releasing the new operating system earlier than expected. In a relevant announcement, Microsoft mentioned that the next generation operating system will become available for purchase on July 29th.

At the same time Windows 10, are already available for free for all Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users while the update will be available for smartphones and Xbox later on.

Windows 10 Went Public Earlier Than Expected

Windows 10 seem to be the best Windows edition so far, an operating system that builds a wide yet expandable network and provide more features than ever while at the same time it seems to come with no major bugs (at least so far).

As we've mentioned before, Windows 10 will be the last edition of the famous Microsoft's operating system. The company clarified that instead of new major editions being released every now and then, there will be constant updates with a more "continuous way". That actually means that Windows 10 will be constantly improved with recent updates.

Of course let's not get ahead of ourselves; whether these updates will free of charge or not remains to be seen. Keep in mind that Microsoft has not yet revealed - and nor will they probably do in the future - how they plan to maintain their profits out of this concept.

This is the reason the company skipped Windows 9 edition and went directly to Windows 10, to close the circle (it wouldn't feel completed if it ended on Windows 10, would it?).

So we welcome Windows 10 and we might not know the reason that Microsoft decided to release Windows 10 earlier than scheduled (and we would die to learn) but still, experiencing the new Windows edition with all those new features and such a big support and connectivity network will be a hell of an experience.

The best features found in Windows 10 are Cortana’s sex and the middle finger emoji. So let’s take a quick look at those two.

  • 1. Cortana can be a man

As it is already known Cortana, the virtual assistant will feature in the brand new Windows 10. Microsoft will embody her at all the features of desktops and laptops that will run with Windows 10 as a single operating system for all its devices.

However what we didn't know is that the users will be able to choose Cortana's sex and turn her from a woman to a guy!

This information was revealed by director of engineering who worked on the project that created Cortana. His name is Michael Calcagano. He particularly said: "If you want a dude, we're doing it". Michael also joked about the male virtual assistant's name that should be Cortano

  • 2. Microsoft gives us the finger with the new emoji.

An unexpected move by Microsoft,who dynamically enters the emoji trend. According to Emojipedia, Microsoft will bring to Windows 10, a new emoji that will allow users to send an obscene gesture.

It is about an emoji that was created in the middle of 2014 but was not available on iOS, OS X and Windows. For instance, even though the new iOS 8.3 includes 300 new emojis, the particular middle finger was absent. Microsoft is the first company to bring that emoji for wide use.

Information report that it will be available in 6 different skin tones so the company is not accused of racism.

Published : Jun 4 2015