With Project Fi's latest updates, this is the time to join the network

If you’re a hardcore Android fan, then you must already be familiar with Google’s Project Fi.

Although innovative and unique in its design and operation, traditional rival mobile carriers seem to

be keeping the upper hand, possibly due to the more advanced features and services that they’re

offering. At least that was true until recently. Google has updated its mobile network to the point

where one can’t help but wonder whether that’s the choice to go for right now.

Let’s break down why Project Fi seems like the next big thing in the mobile network carrier industry,

and why it may be in your best interest to join in as well.

What is Project Fi

For those of who are not aware of the company’s initiative however, Project Fi is, at its core, a phone

carrier. Specifically, it is an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) meaning that the provider does

not actually own the network infrastructure that it uses to provide the service. If you think that

counts as a downside, then think again. Partnering with other carriers’ networks Google’s solution

can give you mobile data service on three mobile networks, T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular,

depending on which one is offering a better signal at the time. Data services also include Wi-Fi


How does it work

On most of the supported models, Project Fi will require a special SIM card and an app that will allow

the device to juggle networks as fitted best. If you’re lucky enough to own one of the new the new

Pixel 2 and 2 XL, then can use an integrated eSIM meaning that you can keep your physical SIM as

well, to have the best out of both.

The one thing you should always keep in mind though, is to check the list of available models before

you rush to any decisions. Google has made the transition to its network possible for a handful of

selected models. You can see the entire list of supported models here.

Why you should join

Although the service met high demand from the very beginning, back in April 2015, the invitations

system did not help the project take off immediately.

Today, 3 years and a few major updates later, it’s really a matter of why would anyone not join? If

it’s not that obvious to yet, here are the main selling points of Project Fi:

MVNO technology

As mentioned above, this technology puts you on the best available network between Wi-Fi and 4G

LTE networks.

Bill Protection

That’s Google’s simplified billing solution that comes with no hidden fees and extras. You have

unlimited calling time and texts for $20 per month. After that, you pay $10 for every 1GB you

consume. At the beginning of each month you pay a price depending on your estimation of how

many GBs you’re going to need. If you make it till the end of the month with spare GBs, you can get

a refund.

In case you reach 6GBs, Bill Protection kicks in and after that, data is free for the rest of your billing

cycle. That means if you use 1.4 GB of data in a given month, you'll pay $34 ($20 base plus $14 for

data). And if you're an individual plan owner who has used 10 GB of data, you'll never pay more than

$80 ($20 base + $60 for data).

You can share credits with group members

This is the last and latest update. As a Project Fi community manager announced on Reddit: “You can

share eligible Fi credit that you’ve earned with the other members of your group plan”.

Needless to mention that you can finance multiple devices and bring your number to the new

network of networks. Take a look at Project Fi’s page and see if you can find any reasons to join! If

you have questions, check the FAQ here, or shoot a comment down below.



Published : Oct 27 2018