Xiaomi does the Poco again!

I fell in love with technology over 10-15 years ago. The rate at which the tech industry is developing is really alarming, so many innovative and inventive companies have joined the industry from all over the world, For example, China, India, Korea etc.

Following YouTube channels like the Verge, MKBHD, Camera Store, Average Consumer, Android authority have been of great help in keeping up with the latest technology from cars like Tesla, smartphones, drones, robots to cameras.

A lot of changes have been going on in the tech industry lately, good high-quality devices are starting to become cheap, this is due to the stiff competition from various companies and advancements in technology.

The best example i can give right now is the Pocophone F1 smartphone, it's the cheapest smartphone out there with flagship specifications. It's amazing how the Chinese company Xiaomi has managed to pull this off. Like MKBHD always says, "Cheap phones are getting good. And good phones are getting cheap", this is very true.

MKBHD calls the Pocophone F1 the flagship killer because it's offering high-end specifications like the latest Snapdragon 845 processor, large battery at a very low price. Although the camera isn't the best, your still getting a good deal.

As a tech consumer, this is a good time to be alive, tech is becoming cheap.

Published : Oct 2 2018
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