You mean you can use knitting needles for something other than skewering marshmallows?

Vlogger Brandon Farris was bored one day, so he decided to learn to knit with the help of a YouTube tutorial, and he recorded it for our amusement He claims to be very confident in his abilities, but his attempts are beyond inept. Considering that he starts off by using a knitting needle as a skewer for marshmallows, that's not at all surprising. He watches a video that is touted as being for absolute beginners, and which only covers casting on and the knit stitch. Couldn't be simpler, right? Well, maybe that's still a bit advanced for this guy.

As a person who's not a bad crocheter and a pretty expert crocheter, but who is mystified by knitting, I found this hysterical. Friends who knit tell me it's easy, but I just cannot figure it out. This video is the very definition of relatable content for me.

Published : Oct 4 2018
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