Zipfy Freestyle Luge Snow Sled for Kids and Adults

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This freestyle luge type sled is a perfect holiday gift! What better way to spend your winter vacation then getting super mad air coming down a snow covered mountain? Everyone loves sledding, your gift recipient will be no different! This sled is super safe and comes in a variety of great colors, so you won't lose it in the snow.

User Review

If you're thinking about buying these - stop thinking & just do it! They're great! I purchased 3 Zipfy's, the two-tone green, the two-tone blue, & the Black Diamond, for my 3 boys: ages 10, 8, & 6 for Christmas 2013. These couldn't be more perfect! They're fast, easy, & easy to carry, even for my 6 year old. Even my husband & I have had fun riding I'll likely be buying at least 2 more soon! I bought 2 of these for our family. I'm 6'1, my youngest is only 9. 

We all fit and enjoy this sled. It's safe because your feet are in front. The handle his great for control. It will not go as fast as some other sled, especially when snow is not packed. Lastly, it's also much smaller and lighter than any other sled, making daddy's role of retrieving the sleds much easier. Excellent little sled! Very sturdy- won't break!

Published : Dec 18 2016
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